Kyle’s First Week

This week has been hectic and frustrating at times. I’d had all of the applications and sites already except for SoundCloud. The issue I ran into was that some had been dormant so long I had to reset things and, for twitter, prove I was not hacking into my own account. Afterwards I struggled to… Continue reading Kyle’s First Week

Bob Ross: Cabin by the Pond

This show is one that lives fondly in my memories. My late grandmother often had this show on in the background of card games as we’d play. Bob Ross’ calm explanations and encouragements are easy and genuine. In this episode, he said: “lay in a happy little sky” and “don’t want to set the sky… Continue reading Bob Ross: Cabin by the Pond

My goals

Of course my goals in this course is to be able to complete all requirements and getting things done in a timely manner! In addition, I hope to have a thorough handle on all of the newer websites to me that I am unfamiliar with. All of these are skills that can be used especially… Continue reading My goals